Tapping Into the Power of Storytelling

We are captivated by people who speak with energy and emotion. We get caught up in their passion and sometimes even find ourselves totally immersed in topics we thought we had no interest in. Welcome to the art of storytelling. Thousands of years of sharing and listening to stories has bestowed upon this medium an enormous power. Storytelling places your […]

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Taking Clients from Satisfaction to Loyalty

In our disruptive economy, where the balance of power has shifted and a buyer’s market prevails, customer/client loyalty is rare and precious. How do you move beyond satisfaction to a secure and lasting relationship that is a continuing source of additional business? These clients become your ambassadors. Now, that’s loyalty. If you have earned satisfaction, […]

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What Cues Are You Sending?

Body language is about stance, eye contact, movement, facial expression and the use of space. It sends cues about some of our most fundamental traits such as honesty, collaboration style, negotiation skills, ability to reach agreement, sense of power, and actual work performance. Clients, employers, colleagues and others who have influence pick up quickly on […]

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Defining Your Business by the Clients You Do Not Take

Prune your client list. Remove the duds. Delete the ones that drain you, you don’t enjoy or wish you had had the courage to turn away. Instead, fill your portfolio with clients that you do enjoy who are motivated to do the heavy lifting to build the business they want and work from a place […]

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Connection: The New Competitive Edge

Let’s face it. The disruptive economy has shifted the balance of power. It’s a buyer’s market. Customers are more informed. Loyalty appears to be a thing of the past. The customer calls the shots . . . not the firm. Current conversation about customer engagement tends to emphasize the online experience. Yet, the real differentiator for business […]

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The Secrets of Engaging and Retaining Millennials

It’s a challenge all businesses face – how to grab and keep the attention of millennials, a generation that represents one-quarter of the population and $200 billion in annual buying power. These 18 to 34 year olds are often characterized by: • Relative lack of attachment to traditional institutions and organizations • Leading-edge digital and […]

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It’s Not Who You Know. It’s Who Knows You.

We are often told it is about who we know. To the contrary, it is all about who knows you. They are influencers, connectors and people on the inside who can give you access. The more people who know you, the more help you get marketing your services. They become your ambassadors. Our ability to […]

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