Personal Branding

Personal branding what is it?

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What do you want to be known for? What do you do that adds value, that you are proud of and that you deserve credit for? Does it position you in the best light? Is it specific? Does it carry you into the future?  

The answers to these questions determine your brand.  Others will brand you based upon how they know you if you do not pick up the reins and do it yourself. You have the luxury of choosing how you want to stand out and prosper in the new world of work. You are the CEO and head marketer for the brand called YOU. You are the CEO of Me, Inc.

Think about brands that have stood the test of time because they look, taste, feel and act the same, with every encounter. Implicitly, they make a promise and they keep that promise every time. Examples that are current, yet decades-old, include: Pepperidge Farm Cookies, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise, Kleenex, Coca-Cola, M&Ms, Nike. 

You want to be your own equivalent of the Nike swoosh.

While personal branding is relevant for all of us, women who work in male-dominated environments typically encounter obstacles to establishing their brand because it is harder to distinguish themselves, the environment is by its nature more intimidating, they believe they have tried, although unsuccessfully or, importantly, their inner critic dominates their thinking and puts up roadblocks that lead to self-doubt and inaction.

Strategies include learning to:

  • Quiet your inner critic
  • Replace that limiting voice in your head with positive, empowering self-talk
  • Experience the power of saying “yes” to yourself
  • Experience the power of setting boundaries and saying “no” to others by:
    • Not personalizing interactions
    • Leaving your comfort zone and taking risks
    • Erasing “I’m sorry” and other diminishing language from daily conversation
  • Trust your instincts
  • Show your creative side without fear of reprisal
  • Build a center of influence within your organization that leads to opportunities, recognition and enduring relationships of mutual value
  • Be yourself because there is nothing wrong with you and you don’t need fixing.

Hold onto your power and do not give it away in disclaimers, apologies or inaction. Fire your inner critic and realize the respect, dollars, reputation, recognition and fulfillment you have earned and deserve. 

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