Fire Your Inner Critic Exclusive Programs

Recognizing that we all move forward more freely without the roadblocks caused by self-doubt and negativity, we are pleased to offer three exclusive programs to get your inner critic out of the driver’s seat and into the passenger’s seat:

1. One-on-One Personal Consulting

  • Fire Your Inner Critic in a unique personal branding experience
  • Access your BSK Strategies instructor with unlimited email and phone communications 
  • Build confidence by addressing all of your roadblocks 
  • Hone your skills with one-on-one instruction
  • Explore all modules in eight weekly hour-long sessions

2. Choose Your Focus 

  • Customize the length and focus of your program
  • Concentrate on the issues you care about the most 
  • Address your inner critic head on
  • Learn how to move forward freely and embody your best self
  • Explore up to three modules in four or eight weekly hour-long sessions

3. Peer Circle Group

  • Experience peer encouragement in a supportive group setting
  • Develop a distinct personal brand and stand out from the crowd
  • Get actionable answers to your questions
  • Share your wins and challenges
  • Explore all modules in eight weekly 90-minute sessions

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Simply click this link for a complete description of our Fire Your Inner Critic program and related costs.