Guest Post: With Attribution to Women Owned Law

What’s something you’re proud of but are hesitant to talk about? Here’s mine… When my clients are recognized for an achievement, they often want to keep it quiet because, as proud as they are, they are reticent to say “look at me” to avoid appearing boastful. I have to say “deal with it” because they […]

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Debunking Myths: Transforming Legal Practices for Growth and Success

Typically, my posts mirror real life situations from which I derive lessons learned that can be applied by lawyers and others to grow their businesses and develop a loyal and enduring client base. This “The New York Times” article debunks some common misconceptions in our home kitchens (give it a read, you may be as […]

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little toy train

The Timeless Lessons of “The Little Engine That Could”: Generosity, Determination, and Perseverance in Today’s World

Do you remember the childhood story, “The Little Engine That Could?” It was about a little engine that was not built to haul freight or passengers but, knowing the job needed to be done, summoned generosity, determination and perseverance to haul a load too large for her over a big hill. The power of mind-over-matter. […]

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Embracing Your Networking Strengths: Lessons for Introverts, Extroverts, and Ambiverts

Lawyers, and other business owners and leaders, when you go into a networking situation, do you automatically think that everyone else is comfortable being there, prepared for conversation and skilled at working the room? In fact, no. Not the case. Remember my recent post about “The Little Engine That Could” as it relates to “not […]

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Tapping Into the Power of Storytelling

We are captivated by people who speak with energy and emotion. We get caught up in their passion and sometimes even find ourselves totally immersed in topics we thought we had no interest in. Welcome to the art of storytelling. Thousands of years of sharing and listening to stories has bestowed upon this medium an enormous power. Storytelling places your […]

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Lawyers, Is Your Brand Your BFF?

Tactics for building a brand and getting it working for you around the clock. Business owners and entrepreneurs often will say, “I want to make money while I sleep.” Does that mean working around the clock? Productizing your services? Lowering rates and fees to potentially increase demand? Take a leap with me. Consider that we […]

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Scott Goldshine

Being Where It Happens

Last weekend, The New York Times featured Scott Goldshine whose tenure at the famous New York deli, Zabar’s, spans 46 years where he started as a garbage man and worked his way up to general manager. He gets in by 5:30 a.m. (the store opens at 9) to check in with every counter, every manager, […]

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And All It Cost Them was a Tub of Brownies!

At my recent visit to the new McCaffrey’s Food Markets in my neighborhood, I received exceptional service that I’ve been shouting about from the rooftops ever since. They could not buy advertising that would do for them what my word-of-mouth praise is doing for them — the number of people I have told, and they […]

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Clients Remember How You Make Them Feel

Let’s face it. The disruptive economy has enabled a shift in the balance of power. It’s a buyer’s market. Customers are informed. They are not big on loyalty. And, they are in control. They want you on their terms. At every stage in their journey with you. Think of the relationship as a continuing dialogue […]

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Clients Don’t Have Trouble Finding Lawyers. They Have Trouble Choosing One.

The Internet is the most democratic of platforms. With free access to information and no barriers to entry, clients and customers often know as much, if not more, than those with whom they transact. Because we all have access to the same content, there is a leveling of power. Buyers have more choices than ever […]

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