Helping You Turn Uncertain Times to Your Advantage

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Have you taken steps to turn this disruptive and uncertain time caused by COVID-19 to your advantage? Are you rethinking or refocusing your business development goals? What skills do you need to add to your toolkit now? How do you explore new opportunities when relationships are built and nurtured remotely?  What more could you be doing to leverage your business network?

Taking the time to evaluate and strengthen your approach, add competencies and build a network of alliances and contacts will make you more valuable to clients and help you gain more control over your future.

A La Carte Marketing Solutions is a new offering to help you make the most of the new challenges you are facing. We have created a special menu of solution modules that are specific in time, scope and cost, designed to help you survive, thrive and prosper in this unsettling time.

Choose from modules consisting of 4 or 8 sessions that can be completed in 1 or 2 months depending upon your unique starting point, experience and knowledge. Select up to 3 modules concurrently from the following:

  • Maximizing LinkedIn
  • Creating a robust profile page
  • Establishing thought-leadership
  • Growing, cultivating and leveraging your network
  • Identifying your ideal client
  • Establishing a referral source program
  • Building alignments and alliances
  • Enhancing your message by using body language to your advantage
  • Firing your inner critic
  • Building business as an introvert; building business as an extravert
  • Honing your presentation skills
  • Using strategic storytelling to be relatable and memorable
  • Holding effective Zoom meetings
  • Standing out in a virtual business world
  • Asking open-ended questions to establish like, credibility and trust
  • Offering a remarkable customer journey

Maximize the opportunities this uneasy time has presented. Choose the module(s) that will help you move forward, gain renewed footing and be more vital to your clients and customers.

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Simply click this link for a complete description of our A La Carte Solutions program and related costs.