I recently attended Barbara’s virtual presentation, “Fire Your Inner Critic and Unleash the Awesome You.” It was fabulous! Barbara approached the topic thoughtfully, with humor and compassion for the audience and passion for the topic. She gave the attendees simple tools we can use to quiet the negative self-talk that stands in the way of the opportunities, recognition, fulfillment and relationships we deserve. It struck a chord with the audience, which enthusiastically participated and commended Barbara’s work. This is not surprising. I have been fortunate to attend other presentations she has given. She is always well prepared, engaging, and deftly breaks down overwhelming concepts into digestible bites that make implementing positive change seem simple.

Mandy Rosenblum, Esquire
Employment Attorney

If you spend just a few minutes with Barbara, she will change your whole approach to business development and marketing. Her expertise becomes clear very quickly – as does her versatility. Barbara is able to command a room full of lawyers and have them approach business development through real, actionable tasks. She also excels in developing individualized programs, coaching individuals, and holding them accountable. Barbara looks beyond the focus of business development to really understand the whole person, and ties that person’s uniqueness into business development – there are no cookie cutter solutions when you work with Barbara!

Michele Madera, Esq.
Klasko Immigration Law Partners

Barbara guided me though beginning my own practice, providing invaluable coaching in the areas of marketing, branding, content and strategy. Barbara taught me how to write an impressive narrative and where to place it for the greatest impact. She consistently kept my brand focused and on-message, serving as the critical eye to my process. I simply would not have had the success I am experiencing without her wise and effective counsel.

Karen Spencer Kelly, Esq.
KESK Consulting, Diversity & Inclusion

I have worked with Barbara twice, and both times I’ve articulated different goals to accomplish. Barbara really listened to what I wanted and needed in my practice. Then she helped me to build strategies for business development overall, along with realistic benchmarks for implementing those strategies. With Barbara’s help, I’m far more organized about how I reach out to contacts and clients, and I’m far more confident about the effectiveness of my business development efforts.

Nella Bloom, Managing Member,
Bloom & Bloom

In the 3+ years that we worked together, Barbara pushed me to excel in all areas of personal and professional growth. She assisted me in shifting my thinking to meet client, marketplace and industry needs and expectations. As a result of Barbara, I have a new perspective on things I did not believe needed adjusting. Barbara will take you out of your comfort zone to achieve goals you never thought imaginable. She has a confidence in you that exceeds the confidence you have in yourself. I highly recommend Barbara.

Christina M. Reger, Esq.
Employment Counseling and Compliance Attorney; Sexual Harassment Trainer; Speaker; Author

I have found such value in my work with Barbara. She has gotten me to see the things I do on a daily basis as marketing opportunities, and has helped me make the most of them. Her advice is completely customized to me and my business, and she’s very strategic and creative in helping me get to my goals. Her knowledge of business development is deep – she really knows her stuff and I feel very comfortable with her recommendations. She’s truly passionate about my success!

Stephanie McCullough,
Sofia Financial; American Financial Management Group

Barbara has worked for our firm several times over three years — consulting with individual attorneys, providing guidance on marketing programs and PR issues, and leading a firm-wide retreat to achieve agreement about the future vision for the firm. We knew we could count on her to meet us where we were in terms of management priorities, marketplace forces and individual attorney’s strengths and accomplishments.

Martin Cohen, Founding and Managing Partner
Cohen, Feeley, Altemose & Rambo

I often said that the law firms Barbara worked with were lucky to get someone so truly passionate about law firm marketing and helping lawyers succeed. Her enthusiasm was contagious. She built a department that gave marketing a new level of credibility within the firm. She headed a team that was credited with making a material difference in how the firm was perceived. The business development function became a centralized resource of talent, knowledge and experience that helped the firm compete for and earn new work from existing and new clients. Barbara understood the role of marketing in a law firm and knew how to make it happen.

David Freeman, J.D.
Founder, Law Firm CultureShift
National Law Journal Hall of Fame Business Development Coach