Lawyers, Is Your Brand Your BFF?

Tactics for building a brand and getting it working for you around the clock. Business owners and entrepreneurs often will say, “I want to make money while I sleep.” Does that mean working around the clock? Productizing your services? Lowering rates and fees to potentially increase demand? Take a leap with me. Consider that we […]

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Fire Your Inner Critic and Unleash the Awesome You!

Promoting our own worth can be uncomfortable for many.  Because there is still a social paradigm shift that needs to occur in how women are viewed in the workplace and how they view themselves, it is critical that we fire that recurring voice in our heads that stands in the way of showing up as […]

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Body Language . . . Virtually Speaking

How has the shift from in-person to digital communication changed the way we read people and their body language? In a previous version of this article published in 2015, I made the point that body language is about stance, eye contact, movement, facial expression and the use of space. It sends cues about some of […]

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Music and Motivation – What Do They Have to Do with Business Development?

Quarantined Italians sing from their balconies in a triumph of spirit. Twenty Dutch musicians weave together Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony from their own homes. Yo-Yo Ma plays Bach on Instagram to honor healthcare workers on the front lines. Laid-off servers from a South Philadelphia restaurant who are also opera singers come together to give a virtual […]

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New York Doesn’t Need Another Department Store. But It Does Need a Nordstrom.

Such were the words uttered by the Nordstrom brothers on one of television’s quaintest programs – “Sunday Morning” – which airs, yes, every Sunday morning. Its programming is insightful, educational and uplifting, every time. On December 15, one of the segments opened with a spiffy, quite stylish gentleman standing in front of Nordstrom’s new flagship […]

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You Are CEO of the Brand That Is You

Ever the proponent of taking lessons from other industries and thinking beyond the boundaries of the ones I inhabit everyday, I think about the word “brand” in the context of products I’ve known all my life.  Interestingly, their look/shape, packaging, consumer promise, taste, smell and performance are just as they were when I first came to […]

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Would You Invest in You?

Best-in-class lessons in business often come from industries other than our own. I look for them in all sorts of places. Here is one such lesson from Shark Tank that is right on for all of us. I am passionate about this reality TV show and, in response to quizzical looks, often feel compelled to justify my […]

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Tapping Into the Power of Storytelling

We are captivated by people who speak with energy and emotion. We get caught up in their passion and sometimes even find ourselves totally immersed in topics we thought we had no interest in. Welcome to the art of storytelling. Storytelling places your message in the hearts and minds of the people you are talking to. It […]

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A loyal client belongs to you. Awareness, interest, desire, action, satisfaction, customer loyalty.

Taking Clients from Satisfaction to Loyalty

In our disruptive economy, where the balance of power has shifted and a buyer’s market prevails, customer/client loyalty is rare and precious. How do you move beyond satisfaction to a secure and lasting relationship that is a continuing source of additional business? These clients become your ambassadors. Now, that’s loyalty. If you have earned satisfaction, […]

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What Cues Are You Sending?

Body language is about stance, eye contact, movement, facial expression and the use of space. It sends cues about some of our most fundamental traits such as honesty, collaboration style, negotiation skills, ability to reach agreement, sense of power, and actual work performance. Clients, employers, colleagues and others who have influence pick up quickly on […]

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