Taking Clients from Satisfaction to Loyalty

In our disruptive economy, where the balance of power has shifted and a buyer’s market prevails, customer/client loyalty is rare and precious.

How do you move beyond satisfaction to a secure and lasting relationship that is a continuing source of additional business? These clients become your ambassadors. Now, that’s loyalty.

If you have earned satisfaction, that means you did a good job, got a nice result, within the estimated timeframe and budget. No glitches. No issues. They may use you next time. They may not.

If you have earned loyalty, that means your client trusts you, values you and has confidence in you. You become their exclusive “go to” resource and, if there were a glitch, they’d stay. They are your best referral source.

A satisfied client might say in response to an inquiry: “Add “Firm A” to your list. A loyal client might say: “Don’t make a decision without talking to “Firm A.” Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Here are concrete steps you can take to earn that coveted role:

  • Identify the profile of your “ideal client” and focus your resources on getting that work. Someone you want to work with and whom you want to want to work with you, is much more likely to be an active participant and invested in the relationship.
  • Determine a client’s expectations during the “interview” process. You will learn how they judge success and what you need to do to meet and exceed expectations. This frees you up to shape how you serve them accordingly.
  • Set goals early on. You will have a direction and can stay the course. You and your client can measure progress against goals at regular intervals. You’ll know if there are gaps, and you’ll know how to fill them.
  • Periodically, ask how things are going. Feedback is critical and if the relationship is solid, what you learn will be honest, real, actionable and transferable to other such client situations.
  • It is all about the client. The client is the most important person in the relationship. I often say, “clients don’t care how much you know. They want to know how much you care.” Show them the love.

Remember . . . a satisfied client belongs to the marketplace. A loyal client belongs to you.

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