Fire Your Inner Critic and Unleash the Awesome You!

Promoting our own worth can be uncomfortable for many.  Because there is still a social paradigm shift that needs to occur in how women are viewed in the workplace and how they view themselves, it is critical that we fire that recurring voice in our heads that stands in the way of showing up as the best possible version of ourselves.  

In this uncertain time, the more certainty we can inject into how we shape our personal and professional lives, the more control we have over the future and the more rewarding and stabilizing it will be.  It is more critical than ever that we fire our “inner critic” or the negative self-talk in our heads that can be the obstacle to a more certain future, with the recognition, fulfillment, relationships, and acknowledgement that we deserve and have worked so hard to achieve.

I offer these takeaways to help you get your inner critic out of the driver’s seat and into the passenger’s seat:

Be on the lookout for

  • Imposter syndrome – “I’m not worthy.” “I’m just lucky.” “I’m a fraud.”
  • Using diminishing language
  • “I’m sorry.” “I’m sorry.”  “I’m sorry.”
  • Downplaying success – “It’s no big deal. I had a lot of help.”
  • Disclaimers – “Do you mind if . . . ?”
  • Perceiving circumstances as threats to your self-esteem

Mitigate the effects of your inner critic by

  • Giving her a name and addressing her by name each time she shows up
  • “Changing the channel” when negative self-talk starts playing
  • Rewarding yourself each time you take positive action to quiet her
  • Practicing new language – “I can do this.” “I am brave.” “I am pretty.” “I am smart.”

I continue to be amazed, and inspired, at the level of honesty, vulnerability and uncertainty that is expressed by participants in my “Inner Critic” programs.  It is both thrilling and revealing.

How will you know when I have succeeded, you ask?  Be assured that you will look, feel and sound different. Take note:  

  • Are you standing tall with a new level of confidence?
  • Are you taking pride in and credit for what you do that adds value?
  • Are you realizing the respect, reputation, recognition and fulfillment you have earned and deserve for your distinctions and accomplishments, at last?

To keep the conversation going, I urge you to find an accountability partner to share experiences and to get support in changing the way you tell your story to yourself and to others.

We have the luxury of choosing how we want to stand out and prosper in the new world of work. Each of us is the CEO and head marketer for the brand called YOU. Remember . . . you are the CEO of Me, Inc.

Now, let’s all fire that inner critic!

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