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Confidence projects leadership, honesty and authority

Stance, eye contact, comfort level, movement, facial expression, and dress can be seen as cues about honesty, collaboration, negotiation skills, ability to reach agreement, power, and actual work performance.   FROM THE ARTICLE . . . The chairman and chief executive of an investment bank was recently quoted in the Sunday New York Times column “Corner  Continue Reading »

What can “Just Do It” teach us about the power of establishing a personal connection to a brand?

Happy Birthday to Nike’s “Just Do It!” It turned 25 in July and is often heralded as the tagline that has had the greatest cultural impact and mass appeal, ever! It has been adapted by some as a personal mantra for their whole lives. LESSONS FROM THE ARTICLE . . . Inspiration trumped data. “Just  Continue Reading »

Is landing a new client the most critical part of the “sales” process? The answer may impact your budget and marketing focus for 2013.

New evidence shows that with an increase in the number of touch points in the customer/client decision-making process come new client service and marketing challenges. They can effect conversion from prospect to client and impact, positively or negatively, client loyalty, word-of-mouth and willingness to refer new business.   LESSONS FROM THE ARTICLE . . . “Consumers  Continue Reading »