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    Business Development Skills Building

    Building your business development skills based upon your strengths, level of experience and practice goals. Learn new techniques for building business, effective strategies for turning plans into action and essential tools for measuring and tracking progress.

    • Identify and mine your network
    • Build relationships
    • Ask the right questions and listen actively
    • Target clients and create leads
    • Differentiate yourself
    • Writing, speaking, interviewing
    • Work the room
    • Develop your brand inside and outside the firm
    • Social networking
    • Organize and manage your activity
    • Prepare for client meetings and follow up
    • Measure progress and ROI
    • Implement your marketing action plan

    Marketing Strategy

    Identifying the powerful difference that sets you and your firm apart. Communicate your brand to internal and external audiences. Leverage your greatest opportunities for revenue generation and competitive advantage.

    • Needs assessment
    • Goal setting
    • Adapt marketing activity to firm’s culture and style
    • Positioning and branding
    • Develop marketing plans
    • Competitor, client and industry research
    • Lateral integration
    • Write persuasive content
    • Project management
    • Marketing communications
    • Public and media relations
    • Web strategy
    • Practice group marketing
    • Individual office marketing
    • Leveraging accomplishments
    • Business development events

    Client Feedback

    Engaging in the essentials of client service by offering an extraordinary customer experience. Ensure client loyalty and turn clients into your best referral sources. Ask them what they want. Deliver it in a remarkable way. Go back and ask how you did.

    • Develop a client relationship program
    • Elicit client feedback
    • Gain insights that deepen client relationships
    • See service value through your client’s eyes
    • Convert satisfaction to loyalty
    • Utilize the client interview process
    • Understand a client’s business, needs and decision points
    • Provide exceptional service to internal and external clients
    • Implement Client Service Teams/Industry Service Teams
    • Measure performance continually